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Featured For Sale

Design place apartment

Sackett St, Brooklyn, NY 07304, USA
$967,000$9,800/sq ft
Beds: 4Baths: 2Sq Ft: 1200 Residential, Single Family Home
Featured For Rent

Relaxing apartment bay view

Water St, New York, NY, USA
Beds: 4Baths: 2Sq Ft: 1200 Residential, Single Family Home
For Rent

Gorgeous villa bay view

Hollywood Blvd
Beds: 4Baths: 2Sq Ft: 1200 Residential, Villa
For Rent

luxury home ocean view

Stanford Ave
Beds: 4Baths: 2Sq Ft: 1200 Residential, Single Family Home
For Sale

Amazing villa bay front

S Ingleside Ave
$990,000$31,000/sq ft
Beds: 4Baths: 2Sq Ft: 1200 Residential, Villa
For Sale

Family home for sale

408 91st St, Surfside, FL 33154, Stati Uniti
$758,000$3,690/sq ft
Beds: 3Baths: 2Sq Ft: 1569 Residential, Single Family Home
For Sale

Villa with pool for sale

4528 Prairie Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140, Stati Uniti
$3,900,000$17,500/sq ft
Beds: 4Baths: 2Sq Ft: 1200 Residential, Villa